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Family Dysfunction When Families Stop Speaking
Depression, anxiety and panic can be brought on by family dysfunction. Read more about the tools for recovery you can employ to overcome the trauma. | read more
Overcoming Your Panic Overcoming Your Panic
If you suffer from panic attacks, our articles, self-assessment tests and interactive exercises can help you get back on track. Find the relief you need right here! | read more
Preventive Parenting Preventive Parenting
Addictive substances and behaviors seem to lurk around every corner, ready to grab hold of your loved ones. Find out how to raise an addiction-free child. | read more
How to Find the Right Therapist for You How to Find the Right Therapist for You
All psychotherapists were not created equal. Learn how to find the best therapist for YOU with the help of Mark Sichel, LCSW. Also, enjoy an author's retelling of a first therapy experience. | read more
Be Your Own Advocate Be Your Own Advocate!
Learn how to get what you need and want in life by standing up for yourself - without being a bully or a manipulator. Self-assertion is the key! | read more

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Family estrangement doesn't have to be devastating to your emotional health. Find peace with Healing from Family Rifts, written by Psybersquare's own Mark Sichel, LCSW.

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Healing From Family Rifts : Ten Steps to Finding Peace After Being Cut Off From a Family Member

Are you suffering through a family rift? Ask a question on our moderated Yahoo message board dedicated to Mark's book!