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Gratitude List
by Mark Sichel, LCSW and Alicia L. Cervini

Down in the dumps? Can't seem to get off the couch? Want to make healthy changes in your life but can't find the energy? Well, knock it off Psybersquarian! Cure that case of self-pity and lack of motivation by creating a Gratitude List.

We often take for granted many precious and wonderful aspects of our lives. A lack of gratitude can lead to self-destructive behavior such as envy, lethargy, sloth, lack of creativity, and reduced motivation. Not a pretty picture, huh? Make a gratitude list when you're experiencing any of these symptoms to nip that negative attitude in the bud. Remember all that you have to be thankful for and it will be much harder to get stuck in a rut.

To create your Gratitude List, check the box next to all the gifts that you feel grateful for, and when you finish, click on submit for a personalized gratitude list. Print your list out, and feel free to add more blessings of your own.

My good health

My strength

My belief in God

My family

My loving mother

My amazing father

My sister

My brother

My healthy child

My wonderful wife

My loving husband

My terrific partner

My great job

My financial comfort

My mentor

My neighbors

My wonderful friends

My education

My incredible girlfriend

My incredible boyfriend

My loving pet

My full cupboard

My home

My good sense

My determination

My ability to think clearly

My ability to help myself

My ability to express myself

My ability to give back to the world

My talent

My intelligence

My fashion sense

My right of free speech

My great sex life

My sense of humor



Modern medical care

My favorite website

My favorite professional sports team

My favorite music

My favorite books

My favorite movies

My favorite television shows

My favorite video games

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